Tessares Boosts BT’s Broadband Speed

Tessares boosts BT’s broadband, increasing download speeds by an average of 20 Mbps for thousands of small businesses who are waiting for fibre.

  • BT is the first Internet Service Provider in the UK to bond fixed and 4G speeds together to boost slower copper broadband connections
  • BT is using Tessares’ technology to double existing download speeds and make upload speeds ten times faster on average
  • This improved connectivity is a life-line to small businesses waiting for the nation-wide fibre roll-out expected to be completed by the end of 2026

Tessares is proud to announce that BT in the UK has launched a converged fixed and mobile solution using Tessares’ technology (see PR “BT cranks up broadband speeds for thousands of small businesses on copper lines”).  Available to BT’s small business customers, this solution combines BT’s fixed network with EE’s mobile network to deliver a truly converged service. The Tessares solution provides BT’s customers with more speed today, while it  continues its roll-out program for full fibre.

With such an approach, BT demonstrates their focus is not only on longer term full fibre coverage targets, but also on waiting-for-fibre customers who will continue to be served by low speed copper lines for several more years. 

Tessares’ solution combines existing network assets, fixed and mobile, into a single and bigger ‘pipe’; it is quick to deploy and cost-effective.

While fibre roll-outs are well on track in many countries, not everyone will benefit right away. By adding hybrid to its technology mix, BT is pursuing a very pragmatic approach to deliver a significantly improved user experience today to those in need of more speed. We are very proud to add BT to our list of commercially deployed customers which proves the relevance of this approach, the reliability of our solution and our operational excellence.

Denis Périquet, CEO of Tessares
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About tessares

Tessares is a spin-off from the Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain), Belgium where researchers have contributed to the design, implementation and standardization of a new Internet protocol: Multipath TCP (MPTCP). Tessares is headquartered in Belgium and serves customers worldwide.