Faster Home Internet: Askey Computer Corporation and Tessares Partner to Launch a Revolutionary New DSL+LTE Bonding Solution

New Taipei City, Taiwan & Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Tessares, the leading developer of Multipath TCP (MPTCP) access bonding software which significantly enhances Internet speeds, and Askey, a leading manufacturer of smart communications devices, are today launching an entirely new way for Telco operators to deploy access bonding in their networks and so provide higher speeds to rural and low speed customers.

Low speed Internet users find it difficult to access important on-line services and are often denied entertainment innovations that the rest of the community now take for granted. The Tessares/Askey solution resolves this important issue for many by combining the available speeds of an operator’s DSL and LTE networks.

Building on Tessares’ extensive MPTCP expertise the two companies will now offer the Tessares bonding agent on the Askey RTL0030VW LTE residential gateway. This approach to deploying MPTCP bonding has several advantages:

  • an operator’s existing xDSL residential gateways can be re-used with just minor modifications,
  • legacy assets can continue to be used, which is especially useful with a mixed gateway portfolio,
  • project delivery costs and time-to-market are reduced.

"Askey has always been keen to push technology boundaries and DSL+LTE bonding with MPTCP is an area of focus for Askey. Today we are proud to see the fruits of our latest efforts demonstrated to the thousands of visitors attending BBWF (Broadband World Forum). We believe this innovative approach to delivering MPTCP bonding will accelerate the adoption of this technology, enabling operators to better satisfy their lower speed customers."

Eric Lui, Askey Chief Technology Officer

“Our development team has evolved our MPTCP solution to enable simplified and faster deployment. This open-source technology has already been enhanced with path management, giving operators the flexibility to intelligently route traffic for optimised usage of their existing xDSL and LTE assets. In addition, the system has been tuned for high performance on residential gateways, and is fully compatible with the move towards SDN/NFV. This latest innovation has led to substantial interest from a number of important operators.”

Denis Périquet, Tessares' CEO

The solution will be presented for the first time at Broadband World Forum in London (18-20 October 2016) at the Tessares Booth, B11.

About tessares

Tessares is a Belgian software company, specialising in multi-path connectivity technologies. Our solutions have been commercially deployed by several operators including: Proximus, KPN, BT, and Telia benefitting hundreds of thousands of households and businesses across Europe.