Fastest DSL Home Internet: Tessares Demonstrates 1Gbps DSL on a Commercially Available Gateway and Announces Full Release of Access Bonding

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Tessares, the leading developer of Multipath TCP (MPTCP) access bonding software which significantly increases Internet speeds, today announces General Availability (GA) of its market leading DSL+LTE bonding solution. This enables broadband operators to offer higher speeds to rural and low speed customers without the traditional costs and risks of a large scale infrastructure project.

Low speed Internet users find it difficult to access important on-line services and are often denied entertainment innovations that the rest of the community now take for granted. The Tessares solution resolves this issue for many by combining the available speeds of an operator’s DSL and LTE networks.

Operators can use their existing DSL residential gateways or alternatively deploy the technology on new DSL+LTE combo gateways. Tessares provides an end-to-end software-only solution, ensuring there is no hardware lock-in.

Tessares’ CEO Denis Periquet remarked, “We are delighted our development team, comprising the most highly skilled MPTCP software engineers, has brought our solution forward to GA. This is an important milestone for both our technology and our company. This open-source technology has been enhanced with path management, giving operators the flexibility to intelligently route traffic for optimised usage of their existing xDSL and LTE assets. In addition, the system is tuned for high performance on residential gateways, and is fully compatible with the move towards SDN/NFV.”

Periquet added, “I am also pleased to announce that we will be presenting 1Gbps bonding (DSL+LTE) for the first time on a commercially available residential gateway (dual core 1.6GHz CPU). This is a significant breakthrough and provides further evidence of the scalability of the Tessares solution.” This comes at a time of growing interest among Telcos in combining fixed DSL and mobile LTE network capacity to increase available bit rates for subscribers. Tessares can provide a quick and cost effective way of delivering acceptable access speeds to many more consumers without immediate fiber build out.

The demonstration will take place at Broadband World Forum, London, Booth B11 (18-20 October 2016).

About tessares

Tessares is a Belgian software company, specialising in multi-path connectivity technologies. Our solutions have been commercially deployed by several operators including: Proximus, KPN, BT, and Telia benefitting hundreds of thousands of households and businesses across Europe.