Faster home Internet: Proximus and Tessares reach major milestone by launching large-scale test of fixed + mobile network bonding

Frasnes-lez-Anvaing, 17th of June 2016

Tessares, a software developer of Multipath TCP (MPTCP) access bonding solutions which significantly enhance Internet speeds, and Proximus Belgium’s largest telco operator, have today announced the roll-out of a pilot project in the municipality of Frasnes-lez-Anvaing to provide more speed to rural and low speed customers.

After successful tests with Proximus employees, this latest test will prove the technology in a real life situation with low line speed customers. In the coming weeks numerous such customers will be invited to participate, with the first customers being connected in July 2016; the test will continue for several months. Based on the results Proximus will decide whether to deploy the service more widely.

This initiative aligns with Minister Marcourt’s Digital Plan to ensure minimum speeds across the whole of the Walloon Region. Low speed Internet customers find it difficult to access important on-line services and are often ineligible to receive entertainment innovations that the rest of the community take for granted. The Tessares solution resolves this important issue.

Proximus has always been at the forefront of fixed Internet and mobile innovation with the goal of providing the best experience to its customers. Today we are proud to begin testing, in collaboration with Tessares, their innovative technology which allows us to combine the bandwidth of our two networks (DSL and 4G/LTE) to satisfy our lower speed customers.

Geert Standaert, Proximus Chief Technology Officer

We are delighted our development team, comprising the most skilled Multipath TCP software engineers, has evolved our solution to a high level of maturity enabling this large-scale trial with real customers. This is a major milestone for our technology and our company. This open-source based technology has been enhanced with path management, giving an operator the flexibility to intelligently route traffic for optimised usage of xDSL and 4G/LTE assets. In addition, the system has been tuned for high performance on existing home gateways from various vendors, and is fully compatible with SDN/NFV, a major telco trend. We are grateful for the confidence Proximus has shown in the solution which has led to substantial interest from operators across Europe, Asia Pacific and America.

Denis Périquet, Tessares CEO
About tessares

Tessares is a Belgian software company, specialising in multi-path connectivity technologies. Our solutions have been commercially deployed by several operators including: Proximus, KPN, BT, and Telia benefitting hundreds of thousands of households and businesses across Europe.