Tessares wins the 2015 Broadband World Forum Highly Commended Award for Greatest Advancement in the field of Fixed Mobile Convergence

BBWF 2015 - London

Brussels - October 23, 2015 – Tessares, a software developer of Multipath TCP (MPTCP) access bonding solutions which significantly improve customers’ internet experience by providing more speed more consistently, has won the 2015 Broadband World Forum Highly Commended Award for perfecting the MPTCP technology such that Proximus Belgium (previously Belgacom) has invested in the company. The award was presented on Wednesday by a jury of industry experts from the world’s leading operators, strongly indicating that in only its 7th month since formation Tessares’ deep technical knowhow is blazing a trail in the field of access bonding.

“We were incredibly impressed by the response our technology has received during the 3 days of the BBWF Exhibition this week – the interest level from numerous operators was very high. So this award really is the ‘icing on the cake’. Telco operators clearly see that access bonding is not just about more speed, though doing this efficiently is fundamental to the solution, but also about taking this open source technology and deploying it in an optimised way commercially, with nuanced controls to address a surprisingly wide set of use cases. This is achieved using our Path Manager capability.„ Denis Périquet, Tessares CEO

With little or no network changes, multi-play xDSL and cable operators are now able to

  • offer their multi-play packages to a geographically wider audience, in particular in rural areas,
  • arrange instant service switch-on for new DSL customers,
  • provide more resilience more elegantly to business users (hiding outages and delivering session-survival), and
  • deliver a smoother experience to mobile internet customers on the move, with seamless handover transitions and session-survival with no app restarts. Equally, public transport WiFi systems, which currently suffer ‘hard-stop’ glitches at handover, will benefit in a similar way.

The BBWF Awards are highly prestigious as they are judged by the operators who actually deploy these technologies.

About tessares

Tessares is a Belgian software company, specialising in multi-path connectivity technologies. Our solutions have been commercially deployed by several operators including: Proximus, KPN, BT, and Telia benefitting hundreds of thousands of households and businesses across Europe.